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Real-time dynamic documentation of your brand’s product assortment performance



Overview of your brand’s pricing erosions and their root causes at the single-ASIN level








An in-depth overview of what your real customers think and talk about your products


Analysis of who sells your or related products, at which prices, and where exactly they come from


Proof evidence of what happens to your images, logos, and product description



How are brand sales on e-commerce affected by the market downturn?

Brands are dealing with a variety of internet issues that hurt their profitability and reputation


In the images below you can see how can SCIENCIA assist you to manage your e-Commerce sales more effectively and all in one place. It can make your life easier and save you hours of work while you focus on the insights provided by us to improve your Amazon strategy, product development and outshine the competition.

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1. Product assortment and product pricing analysis

SCIENCIA provides full transparency regarding your brands’ ASINs and pricing via Amazon


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2. Customer feedback and 3P sellers analysis

SCIENCIA delivers real-time analysis of what your customers say about your brand

  • View your reviews in a well-structured way
  • Use filters to see reviews by country, star rating or a keyword in order to improve your product development


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3. Intellectual property (IP) protection analysis

A multistep process that combines IT and legal expertise and ensures IP protection of brands


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